Top Reasons To Go Paperless in Your Office

Going paperless may seem overwhelming and nearly impossible, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Companies that provide IT solutions, like Moore IT Services, make it possible for businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective. Here is how going paperless will change your company for the better.

Save Money

There is no need to waste valuable time and resources printing documents in the modern office environment. Consider the costs of paper, ink, and toner and how those costs are multiplied in larger businesses. With business IT support, your office will be able to go paperless faster and you can begin saving money immediately.


Find information fastFind Information Fast

It is much easier to stay organized in a paperless office. For instance, it is incredibly simple to file electronic documents and then quickly locate them later, as compared to paper filing systems. Plus, Moore IT Services provides Microsoft update management and Microsoft product support to ensure that your paperless filing systems always deliver.


Improve securityImprove Security

With 24/7 network monitoring, electronic documents containing sensitive information are actually safer than paper documents. Tools like anti-virus monitoring place network security as a top priority and ensure that company information is protected at all times.


Faster disaster recoveryFaster Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, disasters like floods and fires do happen, which can completely destroy entire rooms of important files. Cloud services make it possible to store and back up documents online and several IT specialists, like Moore IT Services, make it possible to have onsite and offsite backups available.


Access information anywhereAccess Information Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of electronic documents is the fact that you can access them anywhere and at any time. The modern office knows how vital it is to learn and share information quickly, which simply is not possible with traditional paper documents. Moore IT Services knows this so that is why they provide remote assistance and 7-day phone support.


Save spaceSave Space

The amount of room required filing and storing paper documents for an entire company can quickly get out of control. Hard drives and cloud services make it possible for your company to be smarter and more efficient when it comes to the use of office space.


Boost team productivityBoost Team Productivity

Team productivity is often negatively affected when project creation and execution solely relies on paper documents. Yet with electronic documents, teams are able to work on the same document simultaneously, drastically increasing team efficiency.


Better customer serviceBetter Customer Service

Along with valuable IT services, like those mentioned above, going paperless may also help with customer and vendor management. For instance, the majority of customers and vendors now want to correspond solely through email, rather than deal with phone calls and paper invoices. Online portals also provide customers and vendors with the information they want instantly.