Why Every Small Business Should Embrace IT-Managed Services

One of the fastest growing industries today is in the area of managed IT services, with global revenues expected to mushroom into growth in the neighborhood of $200 billion by the year 2019. According to a report issued by CompTIA, much of this growth will be fueled by droves of small and mid-sized business companies which will turn to IT outsourcing by a third-party provider.

There are a number of reasons why so many businesses are adopting this approach, and in truth, it makes sense for just about all businesses to follow suit. Companies which have only a small number of employees often simply don’t have the resources for their own IT management needs, and since costs of managed IT services have become very affordable these days, it has become a much more attractive option for many businesses.

Ease of maintenance

Many small businesses prefer to have maintenance issues handled by an IT service provider, because that allows them to maintain a smaller IT staff of their own, or in some cases, no staff at all. An in-house IT staffer would be responsible for any major crisis which pops up, as well as any company requests that have to be fulfilled, so there usually isn’t time for ongoing maintenance as well. Anything which monopolizes the attention of an in-house IT person causes all other IT operations to be ignored or at least deferred, and that can be a major problem for a small or medium-sized business.

Security measures

Roughly 75% of all small businesses experienced some kind of data breach within the last two years, since cyber criminals are now targeting small businesses more and more, primarily because of their sheer numbers. Establishing and maintaining company network security for valuable data assets can be a great deal of work and very time-consuming for small and medium-sized businesses. That makes it much easier to simply turn over security procedures and programs to a reputable provider which would be equipped for it, and knowledgeable enough to carry out all security needs for a company.

Keeping current with technology

Even major corporations have difficulty keeping up with the pace of technology these days, but it would be a huge business error to ignore a lot of the innovations offered by emerging technologies. To do so could very easily put your company behind your competitors, and in a situation where you gradually begin to lose business – even to the point of potential company failure. Rather than devote major time and effort to finding these new technologies and understanding which ones might be relevant to your business, it makes good sense to have all that done for you by a forward-thinking IT services provider.