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Business Continuity SolutionsMoore IT Solutions is proud to offer the most advanced small business data protection and business continuity solution available. Our Business Continuity cloud devices take regular backups of the computers and servers on your network and store them both locally and in our secure cloud. Then we provide an easy to use dashboard to give you the ability to quickly find and restore those critical files that got deleted accidentally.

Restore a crashed server in minutes

More amazing than our file backup and restore features though are the Disaster Recovery features. When hardware fails, your entire infrastructure can go down, severely affecting both employees and clients. No business wants this enormous loss of revenue and customer goodwill.

It’s a truly amazing hybrid backup solution allowing your local computers and servers to be back up and running in minutes, not hours or days while you order replacement hardware. Downtime is expensive; we can help you eliminate it.

Secure Cloud ServersWith traditional server backups, you would need a replacement server to load the backup image on and get back to work. With our cutting-edge solution, you can spin up new virtual machines in the cloud from your local server backup. No more keeping spare machines around or waiting to get replacement hard drives or other equipment.

The new cloud server can be online in minutes with all settings configured automatically to allow the virtual server to function as part of your local network, eliminating the need for time-consuming infrastructure changes. Then when you’re ready to replace the failed server with a new physical machine, you can easily load the latest backup on it and power down the virtual server seamlessly with no loss of data.

Active monitoring against malicious software

With ransomware in the news these days, your business is probably trying to beef up its network security. Unfortunately, all it takes is one user to accidentally click on a link in the wrong email to let ransomware into your network, potentially crippling your entire business. Maybe you can pay the ransom to the hackers and try to get your data back, but is this really the best option?

Ransomware ProtectionOur solution actively monitors your data backups, and when ransomware is detected, it notifies your admins that they likely have a ransomware attack in their midst. Rather than having to confront the possibility of lost data or the ransomware spreading to other computers on your network, they can simply restore from the previous (uninfected) backup. And since we make it easy to roll back to a specific point in time, you can be back up and running with no loss in data.

By proactively monitoring your backups for ransomware and notifying your system admins, the problem can be immediately dealt with… Crisis averted.

Find out how much better a real Business Continuity Solution can be.

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